Hot Child in the City

On Wednesday I was walking up Queen when I passed a young bleached blonde guy wearing nothing but white heels and denim cut offs that would make a never nude blush. He was carrying a stuffed Siberian husky. Needless to say its summer in the Dot. Afterwords, Jessica, John and I went to The Big … Read more

Highschoolers in Toronto Round II

I get bitter, hate on children, fully recognize the irrationality of my hatred, remain hateful nonetheless.

Annex Adventures

whiskey sour at labyrinth toronto

Fuck it was so ~*lovely*~ out on Friday, Jessica and I determined it was imperative we find a way to enjoy the weather while¬† eating for maximum joyousness. So we went to Victory Cafe since neither of us had ever been there, and our food bible BlogTO always writes favorably about it. We walked past … Read more

“Alright, we’re done here.”

In keeping with last year, I managed to walk around for five hours on Nuit Blanche and see nothing. In 2009 I need to utilize the TTC. I know everyone mocks it, but I actually enjoyed the installations around Hart House this year. I liked the one investigating dreams, with the helicopter flying over the … Read more

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