The Pursuit of Happiness – “I’m an Adult Now”

Relevant. How did I never hear about Toronto’s musical gem, The Pursuit of Happiness, before? Their debut album was produced by Todd Rundgren.

Well, I don’t hate my parents
I don’t get drunk just to spite them
I’ve got my own reasons to drink now

MMVA set up, Queen St., Toronto, ON, June 2009

Do people do throwback Thursday on Tumblr?

In honour of Now declaring MuchMusic dead, here are some photos of the set up for the Much Music Video Awards that I took back in 2009.

I hope Much Music can resurrect itself. I do believe it has a place showing Canada back to itself, and for every jaded journalist who thinks protectionism is a sign of weakness and CanCon should be burned at the stake, I’ve got the memory of a little Canadian tween who moved to the U.S. at eleven and would watch MuchOnDemand religiously to feel at home. I always hoped one day I’d be a VJ and get to walk around the Chum building like Strombo and Amanda Walsh and finally find out whose hand was up Ed the Sock’s ass. I think there’s a misconception that Canadians want to be Americans, particularly Torontonians and particularly with our media. TRL was more glamorous, but I always wanted to be on a street corner with Rainbow Sun because to me it always felt weightier, more real, more of who I was. We were always a little bootleg, but we swore more and had better videos and everyone seemed like they were having more fun.

So here’s to you not dying Much Music. I hope you re-find your voice, dig yourself out of the grave with some Canadian know-how, and inspire another generation to know it’s okay to embrace who you are, even if you don’t have the prettiest face or the best production values.

DIANA “Strange Attraction”

New favorite jam: DIANA’s “Strange Attraction.”

It sounds like if Isabella Rossellini’s character from Blue Velvet moved to Brooklyn (West Queen West?) and got a prescription for Lexapro and then started sweetly making love to your eardrums. Then you took her to brunch and cuddled while watching Drive.

Also their singer is hot as fuck (I mean that in a respectful way) and is the only person to ever make overalls look cool.

A Sight to Behold

Some fun things I have seen in Toronto the past few days:

  • A billboard for the new Victoria’s Secret opening in the Eaton Centre (I am so excited)
  • 25 or so Storm Troopers exiting the Queen street car
  • A cyclist getting hit by an SUV
  • A group of Engineers dressed as race car drivers wheeling a go kart through the Bahen Centre
  • A hipster trying to run across College & University before the light changed, his pants fell to his ankles in the middle of the intersection and he had to hop to the other side with his green boxer briefs completely exposed.

Highschoolers in Toronto Round II

I’m officially a jaded city-dwelling university student. The longer I live here and the older I get the more high school students and non-Torontonians seem to stick out. And nothing proves you’re bitter more than when people’s enjoyment of things you don’t even notice anymore becomes irritating.

A couple months ago I was in Kensington looking for hipster sunglasses to wear to the Scotty Dynamo show when I saw a bunch of high schoolers there on a field trip. I must have been wandering around for close to a couple hours, and not once did I see them step away from one of the shitty stalls with the piles of colored wayfarers. Zero exploration. Not even to a smoke shop, which I would think would be pretty fascinating for a suburban teenager, I mean I remember walking around Queen Street when I was sixteen and being freaked out by Friendly Stranger (and moreso The Condom Shack.) They didn’t even go to another plastic Taiwanese sunglass shack, the existence of the one shack was enough to amuse them for 2 whole hours.

Today watched a bunch of high school scenesters (can you be a scenester past 18 anyway?) freak out over the fact you can legally cross at Yonge & Dundas diagonally. I mean it, it was like Craig Owens floated down from the sky and offered to autograph their neon Nike high tops. They were that amused. They were standing in the middle of the intersection dancing around, so overcome with joy that they all forgot they were standing on a road and 30 seconds later were in front of several lanes of oncoming traffic.