Throwback: My Middle School Blog, 11/21/02

Thursday, November 21, 2002 10:39 PM EST

::yawn:: today has been somewhat eventful…. i got my wisom teeth pulled out. eeeee! it sucks. i hate dentists. and i felt all trippy afterwards. it was annoying as hell. i couldnt see straight. i went home and watched 10 thing i hate about you on my mini dvd player. i couldnt see the comp screen it was too far away. and im lazy. stiches in your mouth are annoying as hell. and i never want to drink anymore ginger ale… well maybe. but i have drank alot today. then like an hour ago the power went out… again. what is with my town? the power always dies. right in the middle of my trying to start an wishlist. i want like 3 books. the history of warped tour, the blink-182 biohraphy, and go ask alice. a book about this girl that got her drink spiked with lsd. sounds creepy. i like dark books. i remind myself of witch baby from the last book i read, dangerous angels, she always reads about sad events and always thinks about them. thats what i do. sick and strange maybe but true. im such a freak. but oh well. i dont want to pose as something im not. and i like my freaky self. do you know whats a good song? one slowdance by rufio. download it and peace out. i wanna go watch er.