Chaotic neutral: my favorite unexpected neutral nail colors

chaotic neutral: my favorite unexpected neutral nail colors



I love nail polish. I own an obscenely large amount of it. I feel incomplete without it. But I hate physically painting my nails. After years I’m still terribly uncoordinated, shocked by the time it takes to dry, and managing to accidentally sit on my own hand and leaving denim imprints all over my own work. So I like to go with a color I can get some mileage out of, and maximize the time before I have to repeat the process. So these are my favorite nail polishes that are kind of unusual but still manage to match a lot of outfits, without being pink, beige, or black.

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How I discovered Muscle Chat by Melissa Chadburn (NSFW)

Imagine that you are unexpectedly witnessing the end of your life as you know it. That everything certain has been upset. Perhaps you, like me, have yet to obtain anything of certainty but there are plans in place. Many lovely plans.

“How I discovered muscle chat” by Melissa Chadburn (NSFW)

(FULL DISCLOSURE: Muscle chat is apparently a body-building themed sex hotline)

Sara Barron on meeting a lesbian couple at a childhood holiday party

The party was an altogether transformative experience, for it led me to the belief that lesbians were but magical confections that brought joy to all the land. They were regal, special, and festive. They were like beautiful unicorns, those lesbians, for you had to search to find them. Oh, yes. You had to dig around. I had gone a full eight years without knowing they were out there, hidden away in luxurious penthouse apartments. But now I knew, and on the car ride home gazed out the window at Lake Shore Drive and all its gorgeous aspirational housing where the lesbians were, where the lives were happy.

I’m going to be one, I thought. I’m going to try.

– Sara Barron, The Harm in Asking, Random House, 2014

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