Beth: Hungry?

Tate: Kind of

Beth: What do you want?

Tate: What can you make?

Beth: Cheese plate.

On Becoming a God in Southern Florida

I have been coming to this park nearly every day for the past 38 years. I have seen heart attacks, marriage proposals, projectile vomit, desegregation. But never, I mean never, have I seen birds drop out of the sky.


“Would you drink vermouth?” “Yes, I’m afraid I would.” – Roger Sterling

Jenny Lawson, Furiously Happy

When we were kids our great-aunt Olly used to give my sister and me a roll of dimes and a pack of granny panties every Christmas. They were so enormous that we’d pull them up to our necks and pretend they were strapless leotards while we mimicked the dancers on Fame.”

– Jenny Lawson, Furiously Happy