Every thought about monkeys I have ever had

Oh my God, so I’ve been obsessed with Boo the Monkey for some time now, but some stress/shitty weather-induced anxiety has made the presence of a monkey very necessary. I’m very against owning monkeys. I watched a documentary called “My Child is a Monkey” that was incredibly scarring. Basically this horrible stereotype of an obese American … Read more

To all the girls who envy my life

“[The glamour of prostitution is] the persistent symptom of a society that still insists sexual desirability is a woman’s duty, and wealth is the most important hallmark of success. A young woman who is desirable is a young woman who wields power, and that power is often bestowed in the form of cold, hard cash.”

– Charlotte Shane, “To all the girls who envy my life,” Salon, January 20 2011

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