Man, fuck Nuit Blanche. It failed me twice, so last night I gleefully abstained. Kicked off the night by drinking flat diet coke in my living room and watching the Leafs get fucked up the ass by the Caps. I guess I didn’t fully meet my goal of avoiding shitty video installations etc. because we watched the CN Tower fail to fully sync up with CIUT from our deck. Kind of a sick idea, using those much bemoaned LED lights as a visualizer, and I support any (much needed) advertising that non-engineering shit at U of T gets, but that exhibit did not last all night by any stretch.

After getting bored with the lights and the Leafs loosing we all went to Futures because it would ensure a smooth transition between eating our faces off and getting drunk, since we would only have to move 15 feet to get to Lab for $3 tequila night. Ended up making a detour to this Leafs swag van they had set up outside the Brunny where Geoff stole me a flag. While carrying it into Lab I got shit from the bouncer for having a Leafs flag but an American ID? Because that’s somehow my fault? No idea. Drank a bunch of sangria, listened to them play the Ghostbusters theme song and covers of “My Boyfriend’s Back,” then went home and made peanut butter toast and watched the Leafs loose a second time during the replay.

I stand by my choices. I’d rather listen to shitty music and watch the Leafs loose multiple times than go to Nuit Blanche, as long as there is free shit and decent food involved.

“Alright, we’re done here.”

In keeping with last year, I managed to walk around for five hours on Nuit Blanche and see nothing. In 2009 I need to utilize the TTC. I know everyone mocks it, but I actually enjoyed the installations around Hart House this year. I liked the one investigating dreams, with the helicopter flying over the bed. It was sick. I also liked the very rustic looking bar they set up in Hart House quad and that they were showing V for Vendetta on the side of the UTSU building complete with popcorn and cotton candy. Actually the best sights of the night had absolutely nothing to do with Nuit Blanche. I liked the frat boy who made his own contemporary art exhibit by putting on a suit and dragging a desk and reading lamp out onto the lawn of the frat house. I liked the red sheets of paper I found on the ground that said “ART.” I liked this guy I saw on a longboard holding an ice cream cone that accidentally dropped it on the ground after he was honked at and got his longboard caught under the tire of the car but just kept walking along like nothing had happened.

Because Nuit Blanche is sick but it’s also kind of a joke sometimes.

Like the Eaton Centre “orb.” Fuck, it was a giant pool toy with a spotlight on it. I heard later that Matt had to stop looking at it because he felt like he was going “into the abyss” but I just thought it was lame. Peter said it looked like birth. I saw a neon colon. Or gay.

The game of Pacman on City Hall was undeniably epic though.

I can’t complain, who doesn’t like wandering around downtown Toronto at night with their friends and a shitload of other (high) people. Also my photos came out better than I could have imagined given my lack of tripod and ability.