Man, fuck Nuit Blanche. It failed me twice, so last night I gleefully abstained. Kicked off the night by drinking flat diet coke in my living room and watching the Leafs get fucked up the ass by the Caps. I guess I didn’t fully meet my goal of avoiding shitty video installations etc. because we … Read more

Annex Adventures

whiskey sour at labyrinth toronto

Fuck it was so ~*lovely*~ out on Friday, Jessica and I determined it was imperative we find a way to enjoy the weather while¬† eating for maximum joyousness. So we went to Victory Cafe since neither of us had ever been there, and our food bible BlogTO always writes favorably about it. We walked past … Read more

Taco Night at Paulexander’s

Yesterday we all went to Paul’s to have a Taco Night. It was cute. Janice & Nathan brought homemade guacamole, Mike showed up with a case of beer, and Business Geoff brought ice cream and a bottle of wine. It was such a nice day everyone hung out on the balcony. We started watching this … Read more

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