The Tragically Hip – 38 Years Old

“Let’s go, Michael son, we’re taking you home.” has got to be the most depressing lyric in all of musical history. But goddamn this song is beautiful.

The Bronx – History’s Stranglers

No need for safe return, it’s no need for your concern
There is no warning, I’m not ignoring
I follow you across the county lines
These beads of sweat feel like a flood

You motherfucker I want your blood

Neutralboy – Dick to Cry On

Dude, I’d been having so much fun with This Is My Jam, but it’s shutting down, so I’m trying to comfort myself with the idea of posting stuff This Is My Jam didn’t have the rights to (which was everything.)

Such as,


I was torn between that and “Boys in Bad Hair” but chose this based on uniqueness of message, which is about rebound sex. Not alot of songs about that.

Bloodhound Gang – “I’m the Least You Could Do”

Street legal whore, hauling so much stunning ass
Sell yourself short, like Bridget at the Bunny Ranch
Do it all fours, the satisfaction of getting fouled

I’m the least you could do
If only life were as easy as you
I’m the least you could do
If only life were as easy as you
I would still get screwed