Deerhunter/Times New Viking

Ticket stub for Deerhunter at Lee's Palace, Toronto, Wednesday November 12, 2008

Saw Deerhunter with Times New Viking on Wednesday at Lee’s Palace. For some reason I had this idea of Lee’s Palace as being a box with a stage at the front, so I was pleased to find it was more architecturally complex than that.

Deerhunter were fucking great, I had some fears about what they would sound like live, the electronic thing just didn’t seem like it would translate well. To be completely honest my whole fear was based on one experience seeing Panic! at the Disco when I was fifteen when all their pre-recording techno shit crackled through the sound system the entire night. Then again Deerhunter aren’t really electronic, they just have synthesizers, I just assume anything that doesn’t sound like a guitar, bass or drums is made by a computer.

Whatever, point was it was good.

Times New Viking were equally great. Too bad their album is unlistenable. I should have known when they were first described to me as sounding like “a really great band behind a wall of fuzz.”

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