Screw, marry, kill: The Voice Season 7 winner Craig Wayne Boyd, infomercial kingpin WEN’s Chaz Dean, original bad boy Jesus Christ

the voice winner craig wayne boyd, wen's chaz dean, jesus christ


Does anyone else see this?I could not focus through any of Craig Wayne Boyd’s performances because all I could think was, holy shit, it’s Chaz fucking Dean. The perfectly blown out, glossy, male Farrah Fawcett hair. Chaz Dean has a permanent soft, manageable, and tangle-free spot in my heart after his many appearances on the greatest show of all time, Flipping Out. In one episode Jeff Lewis asks Chaz how he explains the presence of the homeless person squatting on the property to his clients, and Chaz tells him the story of how when searching for the location of his salon, he found this woman named Spirit on the property and took it as a good omen. In a twist ending Spirit dies and Jeff finds out Spirit was actually a man, but Chaz and his entire staff have been telling people he was a woman because it garners more sympathy.

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