The 5 Rules of Being Adrian

So Edgefest was Saturday. I didn’t take any pictures of the bands because by the time Alexisonfire came on the crowd was so packed I couldn’t move let alone pull my camera out of the bottom of my back pack. You can look at a picture of my muddy shoes though.

muddy converse after edgefest 2009

We rolled in just as The Stills were finishing their set on the second stage. I like The Stills but frankly they haven’t put out an album I’ve been interested in since Logic Will Break Your Heart. Without Feathers just really wasn’t my thing, and Oceans Will Rise is no different. They just strike me as a kind of bland, prototypical, indie-rock band. Like a cuter Canadian Coldplay with more cred since they wear plaid and are on Arts & Crafts. If they come on the radio I’m certainly not going to turn it off, I might even bob my head around a bit, but there’s no way I’m going to go “Yeah! The fucking Stills!” or even know what the song is. I mean COME ON, can you tell the difference between “Being Here” and “I’m With You,” because I sure as hell can’t.

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