Nick Kroll on what makes Canada funny

You know, it’s a combination of things. One, I think, specifically with “Wheels” is, there’s the specifics of Degrassi, which our editor watched religiously. So when we handed him that sketch, he was incredibly excited.

And also what I partly think is how familiar Canada is with the U.S., and how unfamiliar the States is with Canada. Like, how unbelievably aware you guys are and how little we know about you. Which is sort of inherently funny to me.

And then it just becomes a fun game of specifics. Especially with Degrassi, the even temperament that we assume is part of Canada mixed with the incredibly high-stakes elements of Degrassi, its lessons and its issues that it tackles, whether it’s abortion or rape or drug abuse or domestic violence. But it’s all done with sort of that even keel of the Canadian temperament.