Billy Talent and Alexisonfire at Molson Amphitheatre, July 13, 2007

7/13/14 meet 7/13/07

I was going through old photos last night and realized seven years ago (WHAT THE FUCK) today, I was at Billy Talent / Alexisonfire / Cancer Bats / Die Mannequin / Attack in Black Friday the 13th show at Molson Amphitheatre with Alyssa. I had seen the date posted while I was still in Maryland and didn’t really have any hope of going. I booked a ticket to Toronto a while later, and one afternoon doing fuck all with Alyssa, her Mom calls to say a coworker had bought tickets for her daughter who could no longer go, and that she’ll buy them for us.

I still think about that day when I’m in a self-pitying ‘nothing good ever happens to me mode.’

Complete TMI so don’t say I didn’t warn you, but this memory is so vividly tied to this event for me: when I was in high school, whenever I’d get remotely excited about anything I’d get my period. Like it would just fucking appear. 8th grade glow dance? Boom. College tours? boom. I was way too embarrassed to discuss this with anyone, so I just let it go. Well, the night before this magical, omg-is-this-really-happening concert was supposed to happen, it rained like it had never rained before. I never ask people for tissues or gum or whatever, but you better believe I asked Alyssa if she had any Advil during this show because I was about to keel over, and we were too young to drink the pain away. That was the day I learned Canada sells extra strength Advil, which is not available in the US. After 20 minutes I literally felt the pain melting. away. I had managed to quadruple the dosage. I think I spent the entire show high / partially dying of an ibuprofen dose.

Anyways, please enjoy my blurry pictures. The first one is the insane amount of kids waiting for the GO Train after the show. It was such a beautiful suburban punk rock moment. Then Billy Talent (sans Jon) then a crowd pic I thought was cool at the time. Lastly my personal favourite, Alexisonfire’s George Pettit in never-nude shorts. Every single one came out blurry, and I took a lot. It was a highlight of the night.

RIP Alexis, you were pretty fucking great.

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The 5 Rules of Being Adrian

So Edgefest was Saturday. I didn’t take any pictures of the bands because by the time Alexisonfire came on the crowd was so packed I couldn’t move let alone pull my camera out of the bottom of my back pack. You can look at a picture of my muddy shoes though.


We rolled in just as The Stills were finishing their set on the second stage. I like The Stills but frankly they haven’t put out an album I’ve been interested in since Logic Will Break Your Heart. Without Feathers just really wasn’t my thing, and Oceans Will Rise is no different. They just strike me as a kind of bland, prototypical, indie-rock band. Like a cuter Canadian Coldplay with more cred since they wear plaid and are on Arts & Crafts. If they come on the radio I’m certainly not going to turn it off, I might even bob my head around a bit, but there’s no way I’m going to go “Yeah! The fucking Stills!” or even know what the song is. I mean COME ON, can you tell the difference between “Being Here” and “I’m With You,” because I sure as hell can’t.

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Lactating Contortionist Strippers

In my opinion all guys should take a fashion cue from Dallas Green. When Googling examples to support this, I came across:

Which is pretty fucking great. I would also like to add that the file name is “dallashat” which I of course read as “Dallas Shat.”

But then things somehow got better.

Is this for fucking real? I’ve seen a picture of him wearing a dress on stage before, but this makes me feel like someone hacked his and Leah Miller’s private honeymoon album or some shit. Its just fucked. If that was a parasol and not an umbrella I’d actually have to jump out a window.

This band is fucked.