Blurred lines

Apparently my sister and I are passed squirming in embarrassment when we’re watching TV with our parents and a sex scene starts…

We were watching Billions with my Mom when a nude lesbian couple started doing rails of blow off each other’s tits and in unison my sister and I just said “that’s a waste of cocaine.”

Watched all of The Maze Runner waiting for Shailene Woodley to show up

Twig let’s not

Are Twiglets like boarding school where the English are forced into them as children, and years later convince themselves they actually enjoyed the experience out of psychological preservation?

My Mom seemingly out-smarted the supply chain and secured a source of the “good” (read: Cadbury) Christmas candy, and saw that these were listed as Britain’s favorite snack, and picked some up.

My God, at least with Marmite, we eventually learned we were all just preparing it wrong, I don’t know what the hell I’m supposed to do with these.

“How was the trip?” – Tom

“Good, man.” – Greg

“I hear Uncle Ewan’s quite a character.” – Tom

“Oh it was alright I eventually found an economics podcast he liked to shout at.” – Greg