Romphim? I barely know him

I don’t know what Free People was thinking when they released a baggy, jersey, bunchy around the crotch bodysuit, but Adam DeMamp already did it when he stapled himself a romphim at the office camp out, and he did it high on mushrooms.

$5 foot long

I’m watching Ten Inch Hero and Clea Duvall’s character is crying by a campfire because she feels unattractive and the whole thing is just either ludicrous or pushing suspension of belief too far because every Gen X/Millennial girl who contemplated being a lesbian did so because they saw Clea Duvall.

Also this movie has a guy giving a Braveheart-style speech about buying tampons and it is awesome. Apparently the actor is Jensen Ackles and I know that means something to some people because I have Tumblr but I have no idea.

Bigger on the inside

At least when I ponder my impact on the world, I can say I convinced my Mom to watch Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and her response to the titular character was he “is just Jack Whitehall.”

Alexa, has Dan Harmon been living in the Ecuadorian embassy with Julian Assange?