Mostly stealth wrestling gift guide 2015

Mostly stealth wrestling gift guide

It’s hard time to be a wrestling fan. On top of historically low ratings, loyal fans are rewarded with merchandise of cartoon Cena promising hustle, loyalty, and respect in a ’70s strip club font plastered across their ass. So just in time for the holidays – a gift guide for people who like pro-wrestling who mostly don’t want to admit to liking pro-wrestling.

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dinosaur quilts

laura ashley dinosaur quilt

Today I saw and fell in love with a child-sized dinosaur quilt. After a bit of Googling, I found out it comes in Full/Queen. I might be making some horrible decisions soon. I honestly can’t tell if it will be something I immediately regret, because it will be 150% less amusing as soon as I get it home, or if I will regret not buying it. It’s hard to find affordable kids’ quilts in Full, this is unfortunately something that I know, because I am fucking whimsical or developmentally delayed or some shit.

Photo embed Russian roulette

Feeling nerdier than thou #candycamera #outfit #glassesswag

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The WordPress preview is just showing an empty box, so I’m gonna roll the dice and see if this posts an image from my Instagram, or something horrifying happens.

Brave New World, Nylon, August 2014

model: zanna van vorstenbosch (supreme)
photographer: jamie nelson (judycasey)
stylist: savannah white
hair: andrita renee
make-up: jenny smith
manicure: angel williams (opus)

Dazed and Confused, February 2013

Dazed & Confused, February 2013
Photography: Max Farago
Styling: Sarah Moonves
Model: Lily Donaldson