Sometimes I get very emotional over television.

I’ve been blogging since I got a Pitas account in sixth grade. I discovered Chuck Klosterman shortly after and what little ambition I had to get a normal job quickly died. Wrote op-eds for my high school newspaper. Started a music zine with my two best friends and spent the mid-2000s stalking guys in bands. Went to university and got a liberal arts degree, meaning I spent another four years having the notion that arguing minutia is a) a legitimate calling, b) intellectually satisfying and c) feels oh-so-slightly but wonderfully devious, reinforced.

I’ve never really veered from a realization I had at thirteen, that stupid things are important nonetheless, and my only desire has ever been to do whatever the fuck I want, in a mostly polite and respectful way.

High art already has its fans and its PhD candidates. My heart belongs to ghost hunting, professional wrestling, and the bands no one will openly admit to liking.

Some of those opinions are here. Sometimes I like to use my hard-earned faculties and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes my current obsessions could be designated as Patrician, and sometimes I want to write 1500 words on the glory of Taco Bell breakfast.

So here’s whatever.

Like any good millennial I’m on pretty much every social network, and you have a more private greivance I can be contacted at margotsmokes@gmail.com

Margot Smokes

The title of this blog/my username is a reference to a running joke from Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums, concerning Margot Tenenbaum’s supposed secrecy, specifically her ability to hide her smoking from her family despite having been a smoker from the age of 12. After being presented with decades worth of scandal from Margot’s past by a private detective, her husband, Raleigh Sinclair’s only response is “she smokes,” showing recognition of only what is arguably the most mundane, insignificant detail of her ridiciulously full, exciting life.

I chose the name in recognition of one of my favorite film scenes of all time, and a lifetime’s worth of conversations with my own family. Whether it’s my secrecy or their neglect, I’ve always felt a kinship with Margot. As far as I know, they know nothing of my internet life, despite the fact it’s plainly out there, like Margot’s smoking.


Please don’t really. But here are my other social media links, if for whatever reason you want to be online friends elsewhere.

Instagram (margotsmokes)
Tumblr (oliviamutantjohn)
Pinterest (margotsmokes)
This Is My Jam (margotsmokes)
Twitter (margotsmokes)
Soundcloud (margotsmokes)


My name isn’t actually Margot, it’s Kate, and I don’t smoke and never have. I am Canadian and more recently, also American. I live outside Washington, D.C. I like singing, fixing things around my house, and searching for new hipster beers with fun labels.


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