Good Omens Season 2

Oh my God I didn’t even know they were making a second season!!! I HIGHLY recommend the first. I was not raised religiously, which I’m sure impacts my reception of the material. I watched the first season with a Catholic parent and when we reached a scene depicting the crucifixion of Christ, I was incredibly moved and they were horrified, so it’s hard a hard one to attempt to guarantee someone else will like when it’s such personal subject matter, but I found it so sweet and benevolent and at the risk of sounding naive, incredibly reassuring.

Anyway the plot of Good Omens is that in the lead up to the showdown between good and evil for the fate of humanity, an angel (Michael Sheen) manages to do the morally “wrong” thing, and a demon (David Tennant) manages to do the morally “right” thing and they are forced to work together to cover up their mistakes from their respective bosses, and in the process do a lot of thinking about the nature of morality as well as nature vs. nurture.

The television show is based on the book co-written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, also titled Good Omens. I borrowed the book from the library immediately after finishing season one, but found so much of the dialog from the show was lifted directly from the book that even though I was still full on enamored with the series, it was way too fresh in my mind to enjoy.

So now I’ll have to decide if I want to read it before July 28th, which is when the second season premieres on Amazon Prime and spoil the season, or watch the season and have to put off my book-readin’ indefinitely.


Lest I made it seem like Good Omens feels like an afternoon in Sunday school, which I have never been to and am thus completely unqualified to craft a metaphor about, the show is full of mythical creatures, nuns in Satan’s service, jokes about biscuits, Nick Offerman, a freaking cute dog, the continued suggestion that “witchcraft” might look a lot like innovation, and my personal favorite, the implication London’s motorways were designed by satan’s minions a method of torture.

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