England is depressed… or something

God England is harboring some secret demons they’ve shoved down deep. I went on Netflix and got recommended “Release The Hounds,” which, silly me, I thought was that reality show about teaching a dog to fly a plane, because how many reality shows about dogs can England have.

NOPE, it’s a horror competition based reality show where the final element is out running a pack of German Shepherds. It’s Hellevator with class anxiety, or Mr. Burns’ reality.

It’s pretty great. I’d skip episode 1, which is clearly a pilot anyway, and go to episode 2 if you want peak Release The Hounds action. It is truly heartwarming, especially if you are a coward, like myself.

I also just finished Peep Show. What a fucking solid show. I’ve come to really respect consistency above all else, I think Lost really tipped me off to the fact any idiot can write a tropical island-dwelling polar bear into reality, but it’s not quite so easy to figure out what to do with it once they’re there.

Peep Show doesn’t falter. It suffuses the perfect amount of realistic pathetically small moral development like an IV drip. You can tell the loving attention that went into  maintaining the core qualities of these degenerates who never stoop to develop a conscience. Everyone is just kind of nice and kind of a prick,

I hated pre-New York Dobby though. Post-New York she just wanted to see the world burn, but why Dobby had every male character shitting themselves over her adorableness was beyond me.

I want to teach high school so I can play the episode where Mark can’t figure out if he’s gay, straight, or just gay for Johnson. I think that is probably my favorite episode in the entire series. What other program has a story where characters just examine their sexuality with no pretense or unnecessary drama? Same goes for the episode where Jez starts sleeping with his male life coaching client. It’s known Jez has all sorts of drug fueled sexcapades, with men and women alike, but he chases women for virtually the entire series until he finds one hot guy and is like, fuck it. Jez has a talk to himself where he’s like “maybe I’m gay? Cool. Maybe I’m straight, but I like to fuck guys? Cool. Maybe I’m bisexual? Cool.”

Peep Show excels at presenting the banality of the every day. Every scene, every fight, I just think yeah that’s me, or I’ve had that happen to me. I’m adding that and Big Mouth to my imaginary curriculum.

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