For the consideration of all “men’s rights activists”

I was watching NatGeo where I picked up this little elaboration on the mating habits of the praying mantis: not only does the female praying mantis bite the head off the male after sex, she will sometimes do this prematurely so that the male’s death spasms will pump his sperm into her more quickly. She then feasts on his dead, headless body, not wanting to waste the source of nourishment for her eggs.

If you were born a praying mantis not only would this bitch not make you dinner, she has so little time for your shit she will decapitate you so she can use your lifeless body as a turkey baster and then eat it.


One thought on “For the consideration of all “men’s rights activists”

  1. I mean, Male polar bears leave female polar bears after reproduction where the female especially with global warming dies of starvation most of the time.

    But I suppose “sexist air conditioning” is a major female issue.



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