(My framed poster of) Matt Good hit me in the face

I don’t deal with stress well. At least I don’t like change when I didn’t explicitly decide to change something.

So I was lying in bed in my cold-ass room, trying to cocoon myself mentally and physically with like four fleece throw blankets when,

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Dead Plumbing Dead People Dead Presidents

Water heater exploded about 15 minutes before the season premiere of The Walking Dead. I had prepared snacks.

I went downstairs to grab my sheets out of the dryer, when I was greeted with the smell of a fish market.

This would be an immediate tip off for anyone who didn’t live in my house. My sister is fond of preparing seafood for herself inadequately, and even once gave herself food poisoning, puked in a trash can, then left it in my Mom’s room because she “didn’t know what to do with it.”

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Project Runway

Ashley Nell Tipton is the new Anya Ayoung-Chee, only instead of shitting the bed then making a jumpsuit at the 11th hour, she makes a crop top and circle skirt.

Anya had the then trendy long hair mohawk mismatched 1980s earring thing going on.

Ashley has the now trendy all mauve everything pastel goth thing going on.

Both made v. cute but completely pedestrian looking and simply made clothes that the judges would usually rip someone a new asshole for, but were treated as the second coming of Christ when they sent their models down the runway.

Bad vibes I’m telling you, bad vibes.

Sorry Edmond, I think Ashley is going to walk away with that sweet, sweet, Sally Beauty/Best Western money.