New Lamp

Dude, I ran out of my insomnia medication and now I’m half alive. My body is in that state where I can’t process information because it’s diverting all the energy I have to staying awake.

I know I’ll get a second wind at like 10:30PM and be awake until 4AM.

This is now the third time I will have mentioned this, but I am going to say it again, because it was awesome.

I was driving past PetSmart, and there was this cute fluffy little dog outside, so we slowed down to be like awwwww and then that cute little dog lifted its leg and peed on a small child.

I also saw a kid with a giant rat tail today, so the only thing that would have made that story better is if the little dog pissed on the rat tail kid.

Besides that, I went to Home Depot and recognized a ladder based on an article I read several months ago about the ladders WWE uses in ladder matches. I debated including this because it’s so fucking sad, but, whatever, documentation, I guess.


This bitch is pretty. Fab has it listed at $249, but I think that’s excessive. Century 21 has it at $90, so regardless, it was a steal. I love that print, I bought a comforter with it, but it was way too busy for my small room. The lamp is perfect, and it totally matches my green Blu Dot x Target chair and the blue color I’m going to paint my fucking nasty ass headboard once it gets less hot out.

My other shopping find was a $30 Jonathan Adler Happy Chic quilt that I am now hopelessly in love with because it is so pretty that clashes horrifically with my curtains. I pretty much could throw out the entire contents with my room, but those curtains were the one thing I liked. So now decisions have to be made.



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