Eva Marie Makeup Failure: All Red Nothing

eva marie makeup

I am fucking obsessed with Eva’s eye makeup. Since the show started I’ve been freeze framing, trying to figure out what the fuck it is she’s doing. Eva Marie can start maiming girls in the ring like Sara Lee on muscle relaxants, just keep that bitch around long enough that I can master her perfect Mod cat eye.

And yes, for the record I do realize a large problem with this undertaking is that Eva Marie is Mexican-Italian, tan, and has the features of a ’70s rock star’s girlfriend / sexy alien, and I  have very round, very large, eyes that don’t lend themselves to any feline look. But I don’t see race will try anything to look cute, so I tried my best to modify her style to fit my all consuming whiteness.

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Neutralboy – Dick to Cry On

Dude, I’d been having so much fun with This Is My Jam, but it’s shutting down, so I’m trying to comfort myself with the idea of posting stuff This Is My Jam didn’t have the rights to (which was everything.)

Such as,


I was torn between that and “Boys in Bad Hair” but chose this based on uniqueness of message, which is about rebound sex. Not alot of songs about that.

New Lamp

Dude, I ran out of my insomnia medication and now I’m half alive. My body is in that state where I can’t process information because it’s diverting all the energy I have to staying awake.

I know I’ll get a second wind at like 10:30PM and be awake until 4AM.

This is now the third time I will have mentioned this, but I am going to say it again, because it was awesome.

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Bloodhound Gang – “I’m the Least You Could Do”

Street legal whore, hauling so much stunning ass
Sell yourself short, like Bridget at the Bunny Ranch
Do it all fours, the satisfaction of getting fouled

I’m the least you could do
If only life were as easy as you
I’m the least you could do
If only life were as easy as you
I would still get screwed

12 Rounds 3: Lockdown’s Dean Ambrose vs. Stains the Cupcake Dog

I keep seeing screen caps of 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown, mostly because I have Tumblr. You’d think this would be the doing of the prolific slash fiction penning Tumblr sisterhood, but a surprising number of dudes I follow seem to be aggressively hate-watching it, inadvertently strengthening the cinematic juggernaut that is 12 Rounds (lolz.)

Anyway, Dean Ambrose’s face has been plastered across my screen more than usual lately, and I guess I never really looked at him because he’s always bouncing around or covered by a mess of crazy bangs which has been slowly transforming into a devilock situation. But in still form, I kept thinking, this fucker looks familiar. Specifically his eyes look familiar, that psycho, blue-eyed, cold stare. I started thinking of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, but that wasn’t it. Then I remembered an article about North Korea using the Stoned Birthday Dog as anti-American propaganda, and it hit me:

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