How not to blog

I’ve been learning a bit about SEO and apparently my habit of titling nothing and tagging everything with dumb asides like “old whores,” “truthbombs,” and “praise handjob” for my own amusement has been biting me in the ass in terms of search engine rankings. Not that I’ve ever aggressively attempted to “build my readership” or get anyone to read my blogs that I didn’t already know, but apparently I’ve been THE PERFECT EXAMPLE of how not to publish a blog or be recognized. That sort of contrarian logic miiiiight be present in other aspects of my life.

2 thoughts on “How not to blog

  1. As long as you are having fun who cares? Besides… to be honest SEO is not necessary to build a readership on WordPress unless you are self-hosted off WP. If you are on wordpress with a wordpress account you can gain as many readers as you like just by being a part of the community. 🙂 Best of luck!

  2. Hi Kate, I know exactly what you mean!!
    I have just started writing a post about basic SEO for wordpress users. It will only take you an extra 5 min per post once you know what you’re doing and the plug in is free. I haven’t published it yet because I have to edit it a little, but within the next few days it should be ready and published if not tonight.

    I will post it under this category:

    It could be of help to you! 🙂

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