The Vice Guide to the Japanese Love Industry

vice japanese love industry screen cap

Found this screen cap and it just so happens to be from one of my favorite pieces that I’ve been meaning to post as part of my ongoing series, what is the most fucked up thing I can find on YouTube that arguably still falls under the umbrella of art and/or serious journalism. It’s not so much a blog series as much as something I have dedicated my life to.

So this is “The Japanese Love Industry” from Vice. Vice is almost a cheap choice for weird information, since that (and war zones?) are basically it’s stock in trade. This video has the added distinction of being about Japan (perennially kinky) and being reported by Ryan Duffy, who can usually be counted on to have the most bizarre assignments, and is also hot as f.

I found this piece tame, graphic content-wise. It doesn’t use “love” as a synonym for sex, some of the establishments he visits are more about selling emotional companionship than physical companionship, which is almost more disturbing to me. There is the implication that they witness a highly graphic sex act at the end, but it’s not shown, and I’m of the opinion if I didn’t see it it doesn’t count.

Full piece (13 min) here:

If you would like to see more wow, Japanese sexuality is totally screwed to the point that it could totally effect their global standing and survival as a nation, try

No Sex Please, We’re Japanese (2013) (BBC2)

If you would like to see more Ryan Duffy in morally challenging situations where you get distracted by how tight his pants are, try

Donkey Sex: Colombia’s Most Bizarre Tradition (aka Asses of the Caribbean) Vice, 2012

^totally NSFL, you have been warned

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