4th of July Weekend

Got flag.
Flag survived less than 10 minutes before it was dropped on the ground.

Corn corn corn.
Watermelon salad.
Costco sized tres leches cake.
Fireworks on both sides of my house.
We are at the apex of regional fireworks displays.
Saw my first fireflies in like 5 years.

Wake up.
Every joint feels like it is going to explode.
I have hip pain.
I am 25.
Proceed to shit own face off.
I don’t feel sick, like flu sick.
Look up allergy triggers.
Apparently certain fruits and grains are more likely to pick up allergens.
Like watermelon & ragweed.

My sister was watching Superstar
Suddenly I realize, that tree looks familiar.
Omg, they filmed Superstar at U of T.
Molly Shannon made out with our tree.
Sister starts flailing around on the floor, faux drama
“Why didn’t I go to U of T blah blah blah” flapping around
I offer her a hand up.
She screams.
Turns out her hair is honey oak, just like our hardwood floor.
I stepped on her hair and didn’t even know,
Yanked her back up and it’s like the floor of our high school after a fight.
Big chunk of her hair just chilling, totally separated from her scalp.

Went to the mall, got gourmet chicken and waffles.
Spent too much money at Sephora.
My sister buys a golf ball sized scoop of loose tea at Teavana, $20
Almost home, group of teenagers walking on the side of the road.
We stop at the corner.
Someone yells WHITE GIRLS
He knew but he didn’t even know.
Spent the rest of the night trying to recreate a macrame Madewell window display.

Showed my family the la chancla video
Between that and the tres leches cake we all want to become hispanic.

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