A Judgmental Map of Baltimore

judgmental map of baltimore

Now this is the shit you want listed on MLS, not “walkability index.” 

DIANA “Strange Attraction”

New favorite jam: DIANA’s “Strange Attraction.”

It sounds like if Isabella Rossellini’s character from Blue Velvet moved to Brooklyn (West Queen West?) and got a prescription for Lexapro and then started sweetly making love to your eardrums. Then you took her to brunch and cuddled while watching Drive.

Also their singer is hot as fuck (I mean that in a respectful way) and is the only person to ever make overalls look cool.

Gangster Party Line

This is wildly inappropriate, but so much so that it feels decadent not crass. It’s like the Hagen Daas of YouTube videos, if your idea of indulgence is hearing the n-word instead of fat and cream.