brand new daisy album cover

Just read out all the lyrics to Daisy. Holy fuck, I mean that album is just so insane. It’s so insanely good. I didn’t like it on the first round, I missed I don’t know, the fuller sound of The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me? Describing music is so difficult and futile and probably stupid. The point is it didn’t sound like The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me, it sounded like something else that I liked less initially. But the more I listened the more completely and utterly obsessed I became. I mean “Gasoline”? “Sink”? How the fuck do you come up with that. The lyrics alone are crazy. Then this music that is so repetitive and jarring and distorted and soothing. The whole thing reminds me of a sonic There Will Be Blood, it’s like sparse and bleak with this overwhelming Satan-tinged darkness. I can only pray to be able to write like that one day.

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