Hot Child in the City

On Wednesday I was walking up Queen when I passed a young bleached blonde guy wearing nothing but white heels and denim cut offs that would make a never nude blush. He was carrying a stuffed Siberian husky.

Needless to say its summer in the Dot.

Afterwords, Jessica, John and I went to The Big Chill for what was shockingly the first time this Summer. It is seriously one of my top five places in Toronto, there is nothing better than sitting on one of their lime green benches with a giant ice cream in a homemade waffle cone. Like Colin Firth in every film, The Big Chill has been there for me in sickness and in health, serving as the location to celebrate every minor success and attempt to forget every epic failure.

Thursday we broke out the patio furniture for the first time this season

Thursday was again, shockingly, the first night of patio drinking of the season. Just Jessica, John, Geoff, Peter and I hanging out on our deck playing Jessica’s iTunes off her lap top. Sometimes the most ghetto set ups are the very best, our deck is pretty sweet, good friends, good music, good cheap draaanks, I think everyone left happy. Mostly our old stand bys of The Clash and Wolf Parade and the Black Lips but every once and a while we’d get a random song from shuffling John’s iTunes and it would take a couple minutes before someone realized we were listening to Tool or Michael Jackson.

Best part of the night was when it hit 10 and we switched to Loveline on The Edge. I think I’ve converted another few followers. We’ll more correctly, the guy who called in and said his girlfriend wanted him to put a squash inside her converted a few followers. Regardless, I will go door to door preaching the gospel of Loveline. I’ve tried to trace the origins of my obsession, I think it was to The Matches “Chain Me Free” which has a line that goes “she calls me during Loveline and gets the machine.” This was back in the day of Loveline Archive’s mysterious case of neverending bandwidth. I caught up real quick. Speaking of conversion, The Matches have got to be one of the most underrated bands out there. E. Von Dahl Killed The Locals has got to be one of the few CDs I played constantly during high school.

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