Run to the hills.

I fucking hate Perez Hilton. If I’m going to kill time reading about people I don’t care about, then I at least want to read something with a little creative flair, you know, a little personality a la Michael K/Todd/Jesus Martinez/anyone who passed grade 9 english. Chronicling the lives of celebrities is not serious business, so it just pisses me off when people like Perez approach it with major ego and zero sense of humor. I want my bloggers to use celebrities as pre-made characters for a semi-fictional novel (I guess I’m an advocate of the Augusten Burroughs school of Journalism?), since its not like anyone can approach detailing their lives with any accuracy to begin with.

However, I check Perez like 90 times a day because for whatever reason, he always reports on shitty Canadian celebrity gossip that NO ONE else on the internet (besides that metrosexual fucktard Zack Taylor) ever covers.

Which is where I just got MY FAVOURITE TIDBIT EVER.

Deryck Whibley + Hanna Beth = ♥

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Please say there’s someone else out there who spent way too much time on the internet at sixteen that knows Hanna Beth. You know, the slightly more coherent, slightly less dedicated Audrey Kitching.I’m not exactly sure why this is so funny to me besides the fact its like two bizarre worlds colliding. Neither of them should have existed past 2006. They breached the space time continuum. Her illegitimate x. diet coke x. myspace x. sidekick x. gloomy bear fame, and his 2002 number band (+ time bonus from a celebrity marriage) fame have potentially merged.

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