The Ongoing History of New Shoes

Unemployment’s proving interesting. I’ve pretty much given up all hope of finding a job. I’m going to volunteer at CIUT more because its good experience and I like it there but thats only 2 hours a day, leaving me a fuckload of time to do jack shit. I’m really trying to be productive because I’m like a shark, you know, how they have to keep swimming or they die. As long as I keep doing shit I won’t go insane, but if I get lazy and start going on Myspace 12 hours a day, I’m going to be in an inescapable internet-related stupor for the rest of the summer.

Basically I need to keep as far away from this computer as possible.

I am limited in my methods of defense. I have no money so I can’t go shopping, we don’t have a kitchen so I can’t cook, I left my knitting needles at home… mostly I’ve been reading a shitload and watching a lot of Sex and the City. For whatever reason I’m also on this Benjamin Franklin-esque quest for knowledge that has mostly just led me to watch a ton of archived episodes of The Hour.

I do however have a camera. That’s basically the only reason I can think of to leave the building. I don’t do aimless walks, but taking pictures of shit seems to suffice as a justification. Yesterday I wandered up University to take pictures of the protesters, only to find they started building the stage for the MMVAs, which (I’m an asshole I know) was frankly a lot more interesting to me. I started taking pictures of that disco bullshit only to have my film break off inside my camera. Damn you replicated 1980s Hong Kong analog technology. Anyways, I went back there today with my digital camera after I picked up my Edgefest ticket from Sunrise and sucessfully resisted the urge to press my face against the Edge window and start pleading for them to give me a job. I was really depressed because part of me really hoped someone would pop out of the CTV building and go “Hey Kate, those shoes you’re wearing are fucking amazing, here’s a job at Much.” No dice.

I am pretty stoked about my new shoes though.

margotsmokes creative recreation turquoise cesario los

Look I can kick myself in the face.

margotsmokes turquoise creative recreation cesario los

I’m pretty stoked about my Lil Wayne shirt too.

lil wayne holding cake shirt

Lil Wayne holding a slice of cake.

i got cake like every day my birthday quote lil wayne shirt

How can they reject me when I dress like the female Mark Spicoluk.

margotsmokes lil wayne shirt creative recreation cesario los wayfarers

I’m listening to Alan Cross on the Edge right now. I don’t know why I didn’t start streaming it online before because my sweet motherfucking JBL speakers are so much better than a clock radio. Also Alan Cross’s voice induces a zen-like state for me.

Here’s some shit from today.

muchmusic video award 2009 construction on queen street
queen street with muchmusic video award set construction in background

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