Taco Night at Paulexander’s

Yesterday we all went to Paul’s to have a Taco Night.

It was cute. Janice & Nathan brought homemade guacamole, Mike showed up with a case of beer, and Business Geoff brought ice cream and a bottle of wine. It was such a nice day everyone hung out on the balcony.

We started watching this thing on YouTube called Hard Gay… I don’t know. Mike & Nathan knew about it. It’s this Japanese guy who dresses up in leather and acts like / is a flamboyant homosexual.

In the episode we were watching he was trying to help Yahoo increase business (because Yahoo needs more business?) In the end he hoists himself up a Yahoo billboard wrapped in Christmas lights.

I do not understand other cultures.

cocktails at labyrinth

Mike wanted to go to a bar on Bloor. So we went to Lab where it was $4.25 Martini Wednesday. Mike ended up leaving after one drink to go back to Oakville, but Jessica, Paul, Geoff and I stuck around for a pitcher. Somehow the night ended with a discussion of MILFs which led to Geoff and I making a bet of who would be the first to sleep with someone over 30 before graduation.

Then we ran into Keswick on St. George driving his fucking Mercedes SL-55 because he’s an asshole.

Then I watched 2 episodes of Disband, ate a bowl of cereal and went to bed.

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