Me and Teddy Ruxpin, Stirring Up a Ruckus

Maybe its just his persona but Asher Roth seemed kind of high on Much On Demand. You know, wandering around and not wearing shoes and all.

They really downplay his gingerness. That kid’s got some ginger in him. I wonder if they used special lighting in the “I Love College” video, because he was looking pretty strawberry today.

Anyways, this is why I love living in Toronto. Everything is here. I can watch Asher Roth on Much and know he’s like, twenty minutes away. I could have walked over there and saw him for myself if I wanted, but instead I settled for running into Geoff on my way to Tim Horton’s.

The cashier complimented my shirt.

margotsmokes drinking a tim horton's iced cap

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