CIUT is having their fall membership drive so I spent the morning answering phones. I’m phone-cursed. Out of the seven calls I picked up, only one was an actual pledge.

Call One:
No one on the line

Call Two:
This guy calls in and tells me he already pledged yesterday but wanted to thank us for our informative content. Being the non-judgmental Canadian that I am, desperately tried to convince myself that his slurring was the sign of a speech impediment and not daytime drinking. Besides, he seemed rather coherent. I attempted to get him to go on air and share his kind words, but when I asked him for his number he hung up.

Call Three:
Some woman looking for Doug. There is no Doug.

Call Four:
Woman: well who am I calling then?

Call Five:
Drunk friend: Did Barack Obama win the election?
Me: Yes
Drunk friend: Thanks, bye.

Call Six:
Drunk friend: OK I’m ready to give you my phone number now

Call Seven:

So obviously Obama was the big discussion everywhere today. I’m going to come off far more cynical than I actually am with this one, but I am hardly riding the inspirational high that everyone else is. I mean come on, we’ve known that he would win for months now. He’s had it in the bag since McCain won the Republican nomination. There was never a competition. I know everyone’s argument is that its “official” now, but really McCain never had a chance. His concession speach was amazing, though. Also Man Palin is kind of a DILF. I need to go to Alaska. As for the fact that Obama is the first black President, I know there is still serious racial divide in the US that is constantly underplayed by the liberal media, but even still I feel like we’ve been ready for a black president for so long, that I’m more suprised that Obama is the first.

Oh man, his daughters are adorable. When he told his daughters they earned the new puppy that they would be bringing to the White House? HOW FUCKING CUTE WAS THAT.

To wrap my Obama shit up, he’s exactly what the country needs right now. I think he’ll restore American’s faith in the democratic process and help mend our foreign reputation. Also as someone brought up today, he hasn’t been given enough credit for his ability to win the black vote without alienating white voters. I think Michael said this morning “he wrote the text book on how to get into office.”


CNN actually managed to out retard itself. They finally utilized something more stupid than the magic whiteboard.

What a fucking waste of money.

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