Halloween was a success, but how could it not be.

Went to Boulevard Room on Thursday for UC’s first ever successful club night. Of course the only time UC ever threw a successful club night is the one night I don’t feel like clubbing. I would have left earlier had I not kept being handed drink tickets. Oh the drink tickets! We made friends with the bartender, Dr. Dread (he was wearing a doctors outfit and a dreadlock hat). Fuck there were a lot of Waldo’s there that night. Kind of destroys the purpose of being Waldo when there are so many. Apparently I missed the best part of the club, the smoking room, a heated patio with a rooftop and cedar walls that everyone kept referring to as “the sauna room.” Favorite costume of the night? A puck bunny. A girl in a Leafs jersey and bunny ears.

Also clubs should always have buckets of candy available.

Friday was Paul’s house party.

Waved at a street zamboni on the way there.

and the street zamboni waved back.

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