It’s 20% off, Bitch.

Honestly people need to stop focusing on how Britney’s face and/or body have gone downhill and recognize how the new promo pictures for Circus look like a Wet Seal add. The black and white tank layered with a ruffled skirt and waist cincher? This is precisely the misguided mall brand with a budget’s idea of high fashion. The fairy dust? The cheap props? The terrible Photoshop job? It looks like some thirty-something store manager watched way too many episodes of ANTM one weekend and this was the result.

Deerhunter/Times New Viking


Saw Deerhunter with Times New Viking on Wednesday at Lee’s Palace. For some reason I had this idea of Lee’s Palace as being a box with a stage at the front, so I was pleased to find it was more architecturally complex than that.

Deerhunter were fucking great, I had some fears about what they would sound like live, the electronic thing just didn’t seem like it would translate well. To be completely honest my whole fear was based on one experience seeing Panic! at the Disco when I was fifteen when all their pre-recording techno shit crackled through the sound system the entire night. Then again Deerhunter aren’t really electronic, they just have synthesizers, I just assume anything that doesn’t sound like a guitar, bass or drums is made by a computer.

Whatever, point was it was good.

Times New Viking were equally great. Too bad their album is unlistenable. I should have known when they were first described to me as sounding like “a really great band behind a wall of fuzz.”


It is Mary Hart’s birthday today. She is 58 years old.


Jesus Botox-Christ how is that possible. She is nearing 60. She’ll soon be able to get discounted meals at iHop.

In my moment of weakness I doubted the infallible Michael K and had to Wikipedia her to confirm. I also learned her legs are insured for $1 million and her voice triggers seizures in the epileptic.


Halloween was a success, but how could it not be.

Went to Boulevard Room on Thursday for UC’s first ever successful club night. Of course the only time UC ever threw a successful club night is the one night I don’t feel like clubbing. I would have left earlier had I not kept being handed drink tickets. Oh the drink tickets! We made friends with the bartender, Dr. Dread (he was wearing a doctors outfit and a dreadlock hat). Fuck there were a lot of Waldo’s there that night. Kind of destroys the purpose of being Waldo when there are so many. Apparently I missed the best part of the club, the smoking room, a heated patio with a rooftop and cedar walls that everyone kept referring to as “the sauna room.” Favorite costume of the night? A puck bunny. A girl in a Leafs jersey and bunny ears.

Also clubs should always have buckets of candy available.

Friday was Paul’s house party.

Waved at a street zamboni on the way there.

and the street zamboni waved back.