They have maintenance people trying to fix the upstairs bathroom because the lower foor bathroom keeps flooding. This building is so poorly constructed, though, that it sounds like they’re hammering shit in my room. At first I thought it was just some asshole in the room above mine, but when I went in the hall to investigate everyone was out there ready to cut a bitch.

All I want to do is work on my International Relations paper. I’m incredibly relieved because I thought I had another paper due this week, but it turns out it’s not due until November. That leaves me a week to do readings. Yeah, I’m actually excited that I now have time to do even more work that I did not have the time to do before. Thanks, U of T.

The paper has a pretty standard question, but fuck, the reading I had to do for it last night was unbearable. It was supposedly a scholarly round table discussion but it read like a high school government project. I’m seriously concerned for the students of these so called academics. I’d fucking shoot someone if I had to pay to be taught by these idiots. Seriously, there are so many grammatical and spelling errors its ridiculous. I’m particularly irritated by Heather A. Smith, professor of some Canadian foreign policy related program at some Canadian university who apparently has no idea what foreign policy is. Her article is basically a LiveJournal rant about how foreign policy neglects to look at the individual. She states all of this as if she has reached some amazing conclusion that no one has ever considered before. Well maybe, Heather A. Smith, that doesn’t happen because the individual really has no effect whatsoever. She’s such a dumb humanist. The round table pretty much comes to the conclusion that 9/11 had no effect on Canadian foreign policy or the way it is taught, and her response is “well did they look at the lives of Iraqi-Canadian citizens trying to get through the airport to visit family or go to business conferences? Were there lives not effected by 9/11?” OMFG RETARD. She then tells a story about the morning of 9/11 and how her sister in Ottawa phoned her and was like “OMG turn on the TV” and then she felt it was her duty as an INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS SCHOLAR to alert her fellow colleagues, one of whom was (gasp) AMERICAN. Holy fuck, Heather A. Smith, you were so clearly personally effected by 9/11. How did you ever recover. You are a hero to all in your ability to continue to do your job, shaping the minds of our children.

EDIT: My condolences to the students of The University of Northern British Columbia and the world that made Heather A. Smith their Chair of International Studies

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