You eat apples, right? I produce Entourage.

I meant to post this like two weeks ago. It’s ironic that Mark Wahlberg’s response to this video only made me realize just how good Andy Samberg’s impression of him was. “You have a beard. I had a beard like that in A Perfect Storm did you see that movie?”

I have so much work to do but refreshing my Flickr photostream just keeps climbing to the top of my list of important things to do. It’s not a very elite list unfortunately.

Wednesday was pretty sweet, I had left my contact lens case at home and was not too happy about the prospect of having another thing I was forced to spend money on, but when I went to Shoppers I found a package of two contact cases for $1.99 and they are vastly superior to my previous contact lens case. They are clear and green and have hearts printed on one cap. They make having poor vision exciting.

Also I don’t understand exchange rates (and by don’t understand I mean never think about) so when I exchanged $480 American for $542 Canadian I was quite pleased. It’s the bank so I’m sure they still ripped me off, but in my mind $480 American was like $486 Canadian so it was quite an exciting afternoon.

These are the highlights of my life right now.

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