What the Fuck Weekend

I celebrate Janice’s birthday, eat cake like a pig, have a mixed experience with Circa’s “Gay Persian Night” (which in hindsight I think was just Persian night) and NARC on people for banging in the common room.

So What

I’m obsessed with Pink’s “So What.” When it goes into the chorus, how can you not be excited. SO WHAT! I’M STILL A ROCKSTAR. I just sit back and go, yeah, you know what, I am a fucking rockstar. Blasting that through my headphones I was the most empowered girl walking to Introduction to International … Read more

These go to eleven

I’m eating my morning mini wheats and watching the replay of M.O.D. What fucking raver vomitted all over the M.O.D. set? It’s soooo hard to watch this. They’re making the audience sit on colored boxes that were clearly purchased at the children’s section of Ikea. I guess they have budgetary constraints. What the fuck is … Read more

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